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For decades, Wilson has been an industry leader in high-quality, budget friendly anchor sleeves. They’re the go-to choice for many professionals thanks to their ease of installation, non-conductive nature, and lightweight design.

About the sleeves

The Original Wilson Anchor Sleeve was first patented in 1975, with a design that improved upon the way that bolts could securing structural elements of all sizes. It's a crucial resource in a wide range of industrial, construction, and home projects.

set critical anchor bolts precisely

When setting concrete, the importance of precision can’t be overstated. Wilson anchor sleeves make your job easier by spacing driving bolts away from concrete, greatly aiding in making minute adjustments.

High-impact plastic Will not rust or rot

Our anchor sleeves are machined from premium, high impact plastic, making it non-cunctive, lightweight, and resistant to rusting.

engineered to last

Original Wilson Anchor Sleeves were designed to provide far greater pullout strength than grout alone by locking grout pockets into place.

Product Details

The Original Wilson Anchor Sleeve is manufactured from high impact plastic and are non-rusting, non-conductive and lightweight. They are designed with a configuration that allows the grout and concrete to lock it in place, giving it greater pullout resistance than a regular grout pocket.

Technical Information:

Bolt Size Reference

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